Believe it or not, Code Blue Memes is just me – one guy. Born and raised in Chicago Illinois, I've worked in the Emergency Department my entire nursing career, from large level one trauma centers to small community hospitals.

I started making memes on Instagram in 2018, and have since expanded to Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. Making people laugh has always made me happy, and because of people like you, making memes has totally changed my life. I put my heart and soul into making my memes and my merch. It makes me feel awesome to think that I’ve brought a laugh to your crazy stressful life as a healthcare provider, and that's why I continue to do it.

It should go without saying that the views and opinions expressed here and on all of my social media accounts and platforms ARE MINE ONLY, they are not those of any past, present, or future employer, and are humor and satire only. Please feel free to e-mail me with comments, questions, or concerns.

Thank you for shopping from my small business. 🙏